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Stand out from the crowd with these bold question and exclamation mark dangly earrings, as worn by me (Elle Exxe).

My 2D black and white pop-art style was born out of frustration - I wanted to highlight the way that so many of us are too quick to judge. We pass someone on the street or read an article or hear a rumour about an individual or celebrity and suddenly we think we know who that person is - but it’s only ever an outline - a 2D Sketch - the most basic differences can divide and separate us, but we’re all human, we all have stories to tell and we all have depth. As Frank Warren said “Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world.” These earrings are conversation starters, and a way to remind everyone to ask questions before casting judgements.

25% of each sale will go to Spring Board - a charity who help people with barriers to employment by giving them skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to change their lives and get out of poverty. Find out more by clicking here.


Main material: acrylic
Hooks: zinc-alloy (Hypoallergenic)


Exxe's Statement Earrings

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